Thirteen Grand Intentions

The 13 Grand Intentions are Unconditional Love, Nourishment, Peace, Health, Oneness, Harmony, Compassion, Joy, Beauty, Conscious Breathing, Abundance, Gratitude and Forgiveness.

Each of the 13 Grand Intentions appears in the form of the word itself floating toward you in the center of the screen in sync with all other users currently in any of Do As One’s LIVE Breathing Rooms. The Intention floats in on each inhale for one minute as noted on the time schedule on this page.

The 13 Grand Intentions were first set in motion on 8/8/08 and now continue magnifying global intentions hourly.

The 13 Grand Intentions utilizes the power of what we call M.A.S.S. Consciousness (Multiple Awareness SimultaneouS Consciousness) to exponentially increase the energy within each Intention throughout humanity. Quantum Physics theorizes that there is a unified field or grid of energy that connects us all. It is within this field of Oneness that we connect when experiencing the 13 Grand Intentions.

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