About Do As One

The Goal: To serve and connect humanity by establishing a legacy of healthy, conscious breathing.

The Vision: To unite one billion people in breathing together synchronously to return the power of breathing together back to humanity and to raise the awareness of the power of conscious breathing worldwide.

The Method: To share breathing techniques for experiencing daily, optimal breathing and enabling global, synchronous breathing through DoAsOne.com.

The Story: Do As One was created by three visionary friends compelled to make the world a happier and healthier place on a grand scale. With that vision at heart, they sought to learn as much as they could about the most basic and life sustaining function of a human’s life, breathing. Those visionary friends were surrounded by a design and programming team that would not quit and would end up creating something the Internet had never seen before.

They met with gurus, breath practitioners, respiratory therapists, doctors, yoga instructors, healers, shamans, religious leaders, monks and alternative medicine experts to get at the core of what the breath means to the human body, mind and spirit. They even interviewed thousands of diverse people to gauge what the general population knows about breathing in order to help determine what needed to be shared and how best to impart the knowledge.

Deep in meditation one night in October 2006, Rabia Hayek had a vision to use the Internet to connect us by connecting our breath flow. Utilizing a synchronous breathing pattern broadcast worldwide through a Universal Breathing Room, humanity could use the power of the original meaning of the word conspire, to spirit together! On 07/07/07 the Universal Breathing Room and DoAsOne.com was born, forever changing the way you think about and experience breathing together.

We launched the global holiday of One Day on 11/11/2012 to set aside a day where humanity celebrates Oneness by breathing together. That year we united 26,350 locations in breathing together on 11/11/2012. We are grateful to have had an influx of Ambassadors of Breath from around the world. These co-creators of the mission showed up to strengthen and unify around this vision. The Do As One team took to the road in 2012 on World Tour to unite people in breathing together around the world and share it with 14 countries in 4 ½ months to lead up to 11/11.

Over the years users have commented that the carefully designed breathing tools have improved their quality of life and enabled them to connect with others around the planet in a deep and profound way. People have breathed with family passing away in hospice thousands of miles away. Others have been comforted by the sound of breath, reminding them that they are never alone. The return of spiriting together by igniting the power of our life force is here to make an impact on humanity as we evolve. The breath has no color, no religion, no creed and does not judge who it goes into or not. Therefore it is the perfect place for us to meet to create peace on a global scale. Join us as we Do As One!


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