The Balancing Brook

Alternate nostril breathing has been used by yogis for centuries to balance the energies of the right and left hemispheres of the body and mind. Did you know that you can breathe better through one of your nostrils most of the time? This is because your dominant nostril will switch every three to four hours. The right and left nostril are separately wired to the right and left sides of your brain and represent the male and female energies in the body respectively. The right nostril is increasing your Sun or male energy and the left nostril is increasing your Moon or female energy. Automatically your body knows which type of energy you need more of and it makes the switch for you. However, when you take the steering wheel and consciously mechanize your alternate nostril breathing, you bring about a balance that you created yourself. Whether you believe in what it represents or not, the feeling of balance that is achieved is evident.

Take your right hand and fold in your middle three fingers leaving the pinky and thumb outstretched. After exhaling and when asked, take your right thumb and close off your right nostril by closing it from the side. Inhale through the left nostril. Let go of the right nostril then using your pinky, close the left nostril and exhale out the right nostril now open. When instructed to do so, keep your pinky there and inhale through the right nostril. Then release the left nostril and use your thumb to close the right nostril again and exhale out of the left nostril. This repeats and with each round balance is achieved more and more.

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