Modern and ancient healing modalities have proven that colors have a profound affect on us physiologically. Do As One combines color therapy with conscious breathing exercises to share the power of color breathing with the masses. Below are the colors associated with their respective chakras (energy centers) and where they are located in the body. Also noted are the qualities and attributes of each color.

Violet - Crown of the head
High-consciousness, wisdom, kindness, creativity, relieves tension and nurtures artistic tendencies and qualities.
Indigo – Third-eye (slightly above & between the eyebrows)
Imagination, mystic powers, intuition, understanding and enhances the dream state.
Blue - Throat
Calming, creative, relaxing, enhances ability to express and communicate fluidly.
Green - Heart
Compassion, loving, soothing, peaceful, alleviates depressed and anxious energy.
Yellow – Navel
Wisdom, clarity and increases power, identity and personal will.
Orange – Sacral region
Creation, happiness, sensuality, independence, sociability and builds sexual energy, confidence and reproductive health.
Red - Base of spine
Warming, charging, activating, energizing, grounding and promotes courage, passion and vitality.
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