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Steffen Wild is committed to the transformation of consciousness on our planet. He works with Buddhist Master and Qigong Teacher Ying Zhang, studied with Kahuna Ho’okahi (Kahuna of Oneness) on the Hawaiian Island of Maui and is an active Hsin Tao practitioner under the masterful guidance of Raziel Bender. In his practice he also shares the gift of Ho'oponopono, the traditional Hawaiian conflict resolution and forgiveness ceremony. He is an active member and prayer practitioner of the Agape Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA.

Steffen works as a Visual Effects Supervisor and Producer in Film and Television. He currently serves as Director of the Henson Digital Puppetry Studio for The Jim Henson Company in Hollywood, CA, where he focuses on educational children television projects such as 'Sid, The Science Kid' for PBS.

"Our conscious breathing expands our body and our mind and it expands the Universe at the same time."?– Steffen Wild

On Conscious Breathing & The Power Of Breathing Together

What connects all sentient beings? It is our breath! We all share breathing. On a physical level, weather it is plants, animals or human beings, we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Yet, there is so much more to breathing.

When we focus on our breath as we do in Yoga for example, we can clear our thoughts and we create a unity between our body and mind through our conscious breathing. In the sacred language of Sanskrit this particular breath is referred to as Ujjayi Pranayama or "the ocean breath". Indeed I like to look at all the air that surrounds us as one single ocean of air, one substance that is vibrant and alive.

This wonderful “ocean breath" connects and brings into harmony all of the trillions of cells in our bodies. This breath harmonizes all functions of our organs and activates health and wellbeing within each and every one of us.

In the same way we go and take a bath in the ocean we are constantly bathed in this ocean of air and there is never a lack of it because it never withholds itself from us. In fact the substance air that surrounds us, the air that we breathe in and breathe out, also connects us to and with each other. It crosses all man made borders and boundaries and it is available to us everywhere on the earth plane. It is a substance that is always giving of itself, it is always nurturing and supporting life on this planet. In that respect it is truly a loving form of energy. So when two or more are sharing a conscious breath we create a field of oneness, because we are connecting with each other through our breath and we are breathing from a rhythm of oneness, a rhythm of connectedness.

When we consciously breathe together, when we go within and are joyful and joy-filled in that perfect moment that is expressing itself in, as and through our breath we are consciousness expanding. Our individual and group consciousness reaches out and finds Itself in the consciousness of this universe. This vibration is in absolute harmony with the vibratory fields of Peace and of Love.

In this breath-aware state we are what we were looking for: A true expression of Love, bathed in Love while giving and receiving Love at the same time.

Envisioning one billion people consciously breathing together AS ONE truly creates a field of infinite possibilities. Who is to tell what vibrations would be triggered, what shifts occur and what changes manifest when the global consciousness of humanity comes together? However this may out picture itself in us or as us and however this might re-shape the environment we live in, I know this Truth:
Peace will always attract Peace and Love will always attract Love!

Let’s take a divine breath together!

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