Wow, this is perfect. I have longed for a community to meditate with and here you are. For almost two years I have been searching the internet not knowing what I was looking for but knowing there was some answer, some information I was to find. Do As One is IT! I am 70 and my husband 82 and very ill. My energy flies away in the face of his needs. This renews me.  


Do As One is amazing! I use it all the time. When I have five minutes to spare and I need to be in the zone for what is coming up I spend it in the breathing rooms at Do As One. There are always others there breathing along with me. It helps to create a beautiful energy of sangha, of being one together. It is a real joy and a pleasure to connect with others in this way, and the energy really ramps up when Do As One organizes special breathing occasions like the one on 11/11/11.  It was a real humdinger that I rode for the next few days! My wish is that more people will find this amazing website and come and join us to breathe together.

Geoffrey Smith

Congratulations on the Universal Laughter Room. This is a brilliant idea & implementation


I have been on the side lines of this eastern/meditation/yoga way of life for a few years. Until a few months ago, when I found myself alone after a break up.  No kids running around, no noise at all...just silence. It was beyond painful to sit in that silence. I stumbled across Do As One, and found it to be an incredible tool.  I will turn up the sound and go into a deep mediation, enjoying every minute of it.  I leave it on for hours as I work around the house. The constant breath is reassuring and keeps me centered. It’s been three months of using this great tool. I am physically and mentally alive, excited to wake up in the mornings.  It has been my catalyst to make this way of life not just a "nice idea, or interesting philosophy.”  My hope is that more people will find Do As One as comforting and helpful as I have. Thank you for developing this tool. 

Kevin Russell

Great site!  Do As One has become my homepage and I breathe with it every time I log on.


I am in the midst of recovery from addiction and childhood trauma, and your website (which was recommended to me by a Facebook friend who is an acupuncturist) has been invaluable. I visit the site when I am feeling in need of a place of peace. I am learning the art of mindfulness, which is aiding me on my personal journey, and I appreciate the space in which to practice it. Thank you. 


I love this planet Earth and I am convinced that oneness is the way of bringing more peace and harmony to this beautiful place in existence.


The breath is the flesh of spirit.  I have been teaching it for 40 years I would like the whole world to breathe together just like you do.


My regular yoga practice of asanas and pranayama has facilitated tremendous positive growth and transformation in my life! I have so much more clarity, focus, compassion, peace! It all relates back to the BREATH!!!!


Yes conscious breathing together is a must.  Thanks so much for the site you offer for us to do this.  Isn't the Internet Amazing?  Much, much, much love, 

Binaj Ginab

Greetings from Czech Republic. I just want to say, I am very glad site as this exists. Breathing is in my opinion the most important thing in one's life, no matter if you believe in medical or spiritual benefits of proper breathing. I always tried many breathing techniques, from Zazen to Pranayama, but it was very difficult for me. Now, when I hear tracks and synchronize to them I can finally do proper breath work. Thank you very much.


Dear Friends, Do As One is a wonderful way of uniting with people. It is a fact that the air we breathe circulates and is circulating world wise.  Consciously, it makes me feel a part of the whole. It is a holistic and enjoyable way to express unity and feel connected. It also facilitates the etheric web and quantum intentions of those who wish to be a world family free from the dictates of religion and political interference.  Lots of Love.

Geoff Freed

I just want to say that I love this website and that I appreciate the theory behind it. Thank you for providing a structured way to breathe and meditate. This site has certainly helped me with my daily meditations.


The way I feel about Do As One cannot even be expressed in words. But If I were to come close I would say that this idea, this concept, this website and this breathing practice is probably the best thing that has ever come out on the Internet.  Meditation has longed been understood to bring great benefits to the mind, body and spirit and this simple, colorful, synchronized method to meditate and breathe in community all over the world is another amazing divine gift that even us householders can grasp.  The spiritual techniques of the ancient mystics are now brought right into our living rooms.  Do As One is another reason I am glad I am alive on the Earth at this time.  We are about to witness the biggest conscious shift that the world has ever seen.  These are times of huge awakenings and I see Do As One becoming bigger than Facebook. They have given us a true gift of spirituality and are using the Internet to bring this wisdom to the masses.

Michael Perlin

Hello, I think you are doing an excellent job with the site. It's beyond words. 


Thank you. This is such an incredible gift. I shared you PSM certified Chopra Center University instructors. Their response has been overwhelmingly positive. Namaste' 


I am completely committed to the goal of global consciousness. 


I am a Yoga instructor with a strong interest in pranayama. For a long time I have been intending to find a way to help people recognize the power of breath. I LOVE this idea. It is beautiful and I want to help spread the love! 


I am 20 years old and have been engaged in an integral/integrative life practice and self-actualization for nearly 3 years now. I absolutely LOVE DoAsOne.com


I love your site! I often visit the universal Om room when I am reading and writing. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Transformative Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies, and I have recommended this site to several members of my cohort! Thanks! 


This is a wonderful technique and will help many people.

Dr. Ravi

We live in a time of critical importance and this website is brilliant in its intention to unite people around the world. We can make a difference, one person at a time. It truly is a remarkable time to be alive!  Thank you for this opportunity! Namaste in as many languages as you can come up with! 


I heard this meditation when I streamed the 11/11/11 Agape Festival. I have been on spiritual path...my son and I were on the phone for this event. This website is the absolute best I have seen. I know that your vision is truth. When we find the universal breath within, we know it is the same without. We return to the One with the breath.  This website will be a major force in the Oneness. I will be on it often. There is so much love and wisdom in it. I am sending it to my spiritual community...and to my clients...I am a psychotherapist in NY. I am also a Deeksha Giver and student of Adyshantil


I work as a Buteyko Breathing Educator. I have a Tibetan Buddhist Practice in Vajrayana. When I experienced, just now what you appear to be doing through the Maitreya practice, I felt a thrill at the possibility of oneness developing through this connection. What an inspiration. 


Universal intentions and actions for peace, harmony, love, and light are much needed. These rooms of breath, laughter, om, and color breathing provide opportunities for individuals to make a difference globally while remaining in their homes. 

Lynne, Canada

Thank you so much for creating this beautiful website! It is so nice to be able to breathe with like-minded people from all over the world! 


Fabulous. This is the best nonprofit I've ever encountered. Thanks for bringing all of us together! 


This will change human consciousness. 


LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE this website! Just found it yesterday and sent it to all my friends. I leave the breathing room on in the background when doing other things on the computer, and it subliminally helps me to breathe deeper with entrainment.


Recently I started on my journey of inner discovery and right about that time I discovered this website. I have been chanting Om every day since I found you. Thank you so much.


I love this site! It’s just amazing.


I stumbled upon this site when in a glum place. There are no accidents and I am thrilled to have found it.  I spent time first in the laughter room and then in the breathing room. How happy I felt! This is magical.  I would love to be a part of something bigger than myself. Please let me know how I can help. Kindest regards

Michelle, California

Bedtime has always been rough for my six year old. He usually has a rough day at school following nights where he doesn't get enough sleep and he fights going to sleep. We started using Do As One together at night before his bed time. It has helped us so much. We visit a few breathing rooms most weeknights before bedtime to help us relax. It has made bed time so much easier for him and he is getting enough sleep. He has happier days at school now, he is able to concentrate and get his work done, and he is doing better in all of his subjects. He wakes up feeling refreshed instead of drained and I do to!  


DoAsOne.com helps me become a more present and less stressed mother. 

Amy, Texas

I was utterly depressed until I stumbled upon this site. I did the Universal Breathing first, then the Universal Om, then the Universal Laughter, and last but not least, the Full Spectrum Color Breathing. I can't thank you all enough for how much this helped me. I didn't realize breathing made such a difference. I'm so grateful that I have the functioning heart and beating heart to do this. You made me laugh and smile, something I haven't done in a while. It also makes me happy to see other people are doing it too! I'm going to do this every day. It's so simple, yet so amazing. Thank you so much! 


I am a yoga teacher and I love the idea of DoAsOne for peace and happiness throughout the world.

Donna , Canada

As a master of Vibrational Medicine of Divine One it is our teachings that everything in the Universe begins with a breath and always comes back to the breath. 


I am a meditation teacher here in the Texas Hill Country. I think your site is wonderful and I am promoting it as much and as fast as I can. Thank you for this wonderful idea.


I would be honored to help with this modern-day miracle. 


Aloha DoAsOne!  What an amazing experience on 11-11-11! The first few breaths made me light-headed, but then my entire being became a part of the experience, when I sent my focus outward toward friends and family who need healing, and out into the universe. Several of my family members took part as well. Thank you for including us. Mahalo nui loa.


You taught me to breathe as one and it is bedded into my consciousness. Thank you.


After over thirty years of meditation, now sitting and breathing here in the redwood forest in Northern California, this old woman has found completeness thanks to your site. A drop of Infinity was all that it took. With gratefulness! 


The Do As One Breathing room allows an unique daily opportunity to let go and just breathe.  We start to heal ourselves by just breathing; It takes practice and if you experience yourself in the NOW, you will see what other  possibilities and  opportunities are out there for you that you never thought possible.  This new century is about change; there is nowhere else to go but to discover the sovereign self within…and we start that by just breathing. 

Michael Natchez Trace

I completely adore this concept. It has changed my life.


I love joining with other like-minded beings in sacred intention.  I meditate and do breathing exercises daily by myself.  It is so inspiring to be a part of this intentional community.  Blessings!


I have to tell you how much I love color breathing! I found it on Stumbleupon and I visit it all the time! Thank you! 


Fantastic, wonderful, delightful, evolutionary ideas. Well done! 


I would like to thank you for creating a vehicle for bringing us together and bringing harmony into my life and others. I am currently in Milan, Italy, where it is much needed. I am grateful for having manifested you into my life! LET'S HAPPILY BREATHE TOGHETHER AND ENJOY.  THANK YOU!! 


I believe that if we could all remember to breathe…there would be a lot more peace in the world. 


What a wonderful thing to do! There is nothing more harmonizing than the breath itself.  May the healing and enlightening power of the breath unite us all.  Peace.  


I am blessed to have found you via a good friend! The result of being in the breathing room was immediate and very centering and calming! Texas is with you! 


Do as One was introduced to me at the Red Lightning Camp at Burning Man in 2010.  It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life.  It made me realize how much energy and power that I and every human being unknowingly possess. It made me realize how important breathing is and how much intention can actually affect your life.  Life is amazing and we are all connected as one.


I currently live in Saudi Arabia and am in the process of engaging science and technology students with mindfulness based practices. This is a perfect site to introduce the notion of holding and containing space for intentional synchronized breathing communities, where we can "breath by breath" bring in an authentic state of being with each other in community. Thank you! 


Dear Friends, Namaste. Greetings from India. Thank you for providing such a beautiful site and such a beautiful idea. I would like to make a DVD of it in all the fourteen Indian languages and distribute it (free of charge) to the main pilgrimage centers throughout India, to different Ashrams and Matts, Samadhi places etc. You see, throughout the year ordinary people who have no access to the internet go to visit temples, the jyoti mats, the pilgrimage places. They take long trips, by bus, by train, by foot, with great faith and hope in their hearts. They have to wait in long queues, sometimes for hours to get Darshan. By that time all their patience and fervor has been watered down. So I thought, let us give that divine impulse a direction, and let the energy not go wasted. Instead it can be channeled to raising the vibration of the planet. While they wait in any of these pilgrim places, we can be breathing in Love, compassion and other intentions and breathing out love - the grand light filled thoughts will go straight to the grid of the earth and help raise the vibration, and that will carry us more quickly and effortlessly into the Shift.


Thank you, bless you and I love this web site design and its wonderful energy. 

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