Rabia Hayek

Rabia Hayek is visionary founder and co-creator of Do As One. As a speaker and breathworker Rabia travels the globe teaching people how to use breathing in ways they never have, in order to awaken their life force to its full potential. In 2006, Rabia had a powerful vision to unite 1 billion people to consciously breathe together. On 7/7/7 (July 7, 2007) DoAsOne.com was born to facilitate this massive connection and give the power of breathing together back to humanity. Rabia is the driving force behind his breathing education company Omnibreath (link to omnibreath.com) where they teach optimal and conscious breathing through his Life Force Mastery breathing modality. Hayek is passionate about developing ways to bring conscious breathing practices into daily life, using technology to connect us rather than separate us. Rabia is a member of the International Breathwork Foundation (link to IBFNetwork.com) and is currently leading efforts to add ‘breathwork’ & ‘breathworker’ to the dictionary. Rabia is also a professional musician (link to hayekyoung.bandcamp.com), spoken word artist and alchemic elixir inventor (link to ChocolateLovePotion.com).

Eric Stotz

Eric Stotz is a founder and co-creator of Do As One. Stotz is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor and connecter who thrives on creating systems that help people at large. Stotz is the co-founder and Managing Director of LawLinq, Inc. (link to lawlinq.com), a California State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Service which connects consumers with pre-screened member lawyers. Prior to LawLinq, Stotz founded Omni Identity, Inc. (link to omniidentity.com), a leading provider of access control security systems to banks and casinos in the United States. Stotz is the founder of Karma International, LLC (link to karmainternational.com), a private membership organization for leaders, professionals and adventurers. Stotz is also the Managing Director of Consumer Law Experts, PC (link to nolemon.com), California’s premier lemon law firm. Mr. Stotz graduated from the University of Southern California with a focus in Business and Entrepreneurship. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three sons.

Jaime Collaco

Jaime Collaço is a founder and co-creator of Do As One. As a professional actor, Jaime has appeared as a regular in cable TV shows and dozens of Fortune 500 company national commercials. Collaco is a licensed Spiritual Practitioner with an artistic background who uses natural healing methods to unite people in a unique experience of wellness and oneness. Jaime has had the honor of sharing Do As One and conscious breathing at The Omega Institute, Summit Series, Equinox Fitness Clubs, Agape International Spiritual Center and countless festivals and conferences. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three daughters.

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