The M.A.S.S. Rooms


M.A.S.S. (Multiple Awareness SimultaneuS) Rooms are experiential breathing rooms in which there is a single intention inspired into every breath at an even, slow five breaths per minute.

To get the most benefit from these rooms, you simply must tap into the feeling tone of the intention you are celebrating as the word comes towards you on your screen. Pay attention to feel what the word means to you in your heart rather than to think it. Ignite that feeling with whatever level of intensity you wish and as you breathe the intention in and out. Realize that you are benefiting your health and wellness and that of the entire sphere of consciousness around you.

We are One and therefore as we think as One, feel as One and Do As One, we will be sharing in a grid of energy that we have built collectively. As more and more people share in the consciousness that these rooms provide, you will undoubtedly feel it. Join in these ‘LIVE’ M.A.S.S. Rooms and share in the expansion of consciousness.

The 13 Grand Intentions have each been designated as a M.A.S.S. Room. In these 13 rooms you will link up with whatever people at that moment are breathing the specific intention into the world, twenty-four hours, seven days a week. You can choose one of the following:

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