Do as One in Utah at Desert Rocks Festival

Arriving at Desert Rocks Festival in Utah, we were greeted by the desert landscape and all the expansiveness that comes with it.  The beauty and earth tones during the magic hour were electric and inspiring.

We were feeling excitement to be at another music festival, sharing the power of breathing together with people that are eager for change.  To ignite a few people into having events for the launch of One Day, the new global holiday of Oneness on 11/11, was the music in our steps.

Do As One International Ambassador of Breath and my beloved, Jenna Grayson, has been with me by my side. Desert Rocks was a last minute addition to our tour schedule so we didn’t yet have anything planned with the organizers there and when we first arrived, we inquired about getting to unite the festival in breath at any point in the weekend.  Met with inquisitive resistance at that point, we were told that an email or phone call would find its way to us.   As we met with many beautiful people throughout the day, so much love was shared around our vision.  New ambassadors blossomed, who felt the charge to create One Day events in their respective cities.

Later that night, a consciousness ceremony took place and our wish to have been sharing the unifying power of the breath was displayed to us in yet another way.   The end of the ceremony had the three creators of the event on stage.  One of them, J.R., who had rooted the event seven years ago, really had a lot to say about now being the time to unify and he inspired the people to collectively ignite an intention of peace.  He had the audience crouch down after getting us as close as we could to everyone around us.  Then we inhaled on the count of three beginning with a low mumbling tone and rose up onto our toes as we got louder and louder, resounding the intention through our voices as One power, One love, One human family.

Right then and there, in a fresh, new way, I witnessed the true power of one long exhale wrapped in intention.  Access to the entire planet had ensued and joyful unity was the scent in the air.   Unity is that which we as a human species have always welcomed into our experience, because it just is.  Like when you’re in a huge stadium and the wave passes through the crowd, everyone just joins into the sacred yes of unity and it feels good.

People of all colors and creeds stood there, together, in breath and voice and we didn’t have to do a thing but take part and be.  The beautiful thought crossed my mind that it didn’t matter if Jenna and I united people in breath on the stage that night.  It was already happening by virtue of the One through the All.

Having stepped to the side of the stage to see if we could greet J.R., we found our eyes upon a being that was so magical and was now resting in the field of Peace and Oneness we had just been playing and co-creating in.  This white fairy dragonfly insect that looked like it was from out of this world, flew onto a piece of art being created live.  The microcosmic dance that came from it and its stillness with us so close to it, confirmed the peace in the air.  Have a look at the magic:

The White Fairy Dragonfly of Peace

After enjoying the power of the collective peace that shows up at music festivals in the American Southwest, we awoke to enjoy the morning flavor of it. At a sunrise set by one of our favorite DJs, Random Rab. The unity vibration was palpable all around us. We even got to enjoy the power of the ancient teepee in the background. A symbol of sitting in circle as a come-unity or tribe.
Oneness in the Air at Sunrise

Exiting Utah, 1st International Stop: Madrid, Spain 

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