Global Inspiration Conference – Belgium

The Global Inspiration Conference was one of the grand highlights on the Do As One tour!

by Jenna Grayson, International One Day Coordinator

Attending the Global Inspiration Conference, or what’s known as “the GIC” by its international family of attendees, turned out to be a life altering experience for both me and Rabia. The people we met, the workshops we participated in and shared, the bonds we made, and the One Day commitments received were all so significant for us. It is an annual week long event of amazing inspirers of conscious breathing. With people from all over the world, the entire conference was translated into four different languages.

Even the way the conference was designed was amazing and so inspiring. Instead of having a set “line-up” of speakers who would stand on a stage in suits all day with nametags and letters following their names, the GIC had no daily set schedule. There was no sense of hierarchy, no teachers and students. Instead, each morning the daily schedule was designed, those who wanted to present stood on the stage, explained the details of their workshop for one minute then those who wanted to attend would raise their hand. In this way, we were all teachers as well as students. What was created was a heart-centered, inclusive, service-oriented community. There were also evening scheduled keynote speakers who were brilliant and incredibly influential.

Rabia offered multiple workshops on the power of conscious, synchronous breath. I also offered a workshop on creating intimacy with energy field awareness, which was a real joy for me to share. People had significant experiences in Rabia’s workshops and were naturally enrolled to participate in One Day in their hometowns, creating events to bring people together to breathe as One on 11/11. It was refreshing to share Do As One and One Day with this group of powerful individuals who already understood the significance and importance of conscious breathing.

The depth of my understanding and appreciation for conscious breathing deepened significantly as a result of the workshops and talks we attended. We both had our first Rebirthing experience, which we had heard about for years. We attended this workshop separately and both truly felt a sense of having been reborn after releasing years of holding on to trauma within the context of a few hours of conscious breathing. We were also moved and awakened to the practice of Holographic Breathing, a simple yet profound practice that has shown to have incredible healing powers. One of the most significant experiences we had, which may be difficult to communicate here, was the workshop we attended on making intergalactic contact. I hope it will be sufficient to say neither of us will ever be quite the same. The GIC was completed with a closing ceremony where Rabia got to lead the entire group in Simultaneum, which is the practice of conscious, synchronous breathing.

We left the experience feeling deeply connected to people we felt we’d known for lifetimes, with personal and professional accomplishments and a renewed sense of connection and fulfillment, deeply grateful for the gift of the GIC.

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Uniting at Boom Festival – Portugal

Boom is a bi-annual transformational music festival that takes place 1 ½ hours outside of Lisbon, Portugal. There is on-going night and day, electronic music playing at four different stages. There are also workshops, lectures, films, an art gallery, and food vendors, throughout the day. It is seven days of camping, dancing, exploring, learning, growing, swimming and enjoying. All of this takes place near a beautiful lake in a wide-open space. Boom was followed by a 3-day gathering after the festival called Utopia.

While we were there, we created some beautiful breathing circles as well as an epic areal art piece. Here are some the highlights of our experience.

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