Global Inspiration Conference – Belgium

The Global Inspiration Conference was one of the grand highlights on the Do As One tour!

by Jenna Grayson, International One Day Coordinator

Attending the Global Inspiration Conference, or what’s known as “the GIC” by its international family of attendees, turned out to be a life altering experience for both me and Rabia. The people we met, the workshops we participated in and shared, the bonds we made, and the One Day commitments received were all so significant for us. It is an annual week long event of amazing inspirers of conscious breathing. With people from all over the world, the entire conference was translated into four different languages.

Even the way the conference was designed was amazing and so inspiring. Instead of having a set “line-up” of speakers who would stand on a stage in suits all day with nametags and letters following their names, the GIC had no daily set schedule. There was no sense of hierarchy, no teachers and students. Instead, each morning the daily schedule was designed, those who wanted to present stood on the stage, explained the details of their workshop for one minute then those who wanted to attend would raise their hand. In this way, we were all teachers as well as students. What was created was a heart-centered, inclusive, service-oriented community. There were also evening scheduled keynote speakers who were brilliant and incredibly influential.

Rabia offered multiple workshops on the power of conscious, synchronous breath. I also offered a workshop on creating intimacy with energy field awareness, which was a real joy for me to share. People had significant experiences in Rabia’s workshops and were naturally enrolled to participate in One Day in their hometowns, creating events to bring people together to breathe as One on 11/11. It was refreshing to share Do As One and One Day with this group of powerful individuals who already understood the significance and importance of conscious breathing.

The depth of my understanding and appreciation for conscious breathing deepened significantly as a result of the workshops and talks we attended. We both had our first Rebirthing experience, which we had heard about for years. We attended this workshop separately and both truly felt a sense of having been reborn after releasing years of holding on to trauma within the context of a few hours of conscious breathing. We were also moved and awakened to the practice of Holographic Breathing, a simple yet profound practice that has shown to have incredible healing powers. One of the most significant experiences we had, which may be difficult to communicate here, was the workshop we attended on making intergalactic contact. I hope it will be sufficient to say neither of us will ever be quite the same. The GIC was completed with a closing ceremony where Rabia got to lead the entire group in Simultaneum, which is the practice of conscious, synchronous breathing.

We left the experience feeling deeply connected to people we felt we’d known for lifetimes, with personal and professional accomplishments and a renewed sense of connection and fulfillment, deeply grateful for the gift of the GIC.

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Uniting at Boom Festival – Portugal

Boom is a bi-annual transformational music festival that takes place 1 ½ hours outside of Lisbon, Portugal. There is on-going night and day, electronic music playing at four different stages. There are also workshops, lectures, films, an art gallery, and food vendors, throughout the day. It is seven days of camping, dancing, exploring, learning, growing, swimming and enjoying. All of this takes place near a beautiful lake in a wide-open space. Boom was followed by a 3-day gathering after the festival called Utopia.

While we were there, we created some beautiful breathing circles as well as an epic areal art piece. Here are some the highlights of our experience.

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Cairo, Egypt – Time of Transformation

Egypt – Land of the Ancient Pyramids

by Jenna Grayson

Going from Spain to Egypt was a stark contrast.  The traditions and customs in Egypt are much different from what we had been used to.  It made it much easier that Rabia speaks Arabic and is accustomed to the Arabic culture, although neither of us are Muslim.  We had been concerned that we would not be accepted by the people or that our mission of having one billion people breathe together would not be well received or understood by a culture with strong religious beliefs and practices that are much different from ours.

Thankfully, we were extremely pleasantly surprised.  The people were largely friendly and kind to us and took to the idea of One Day very openly and were willing to create breathing together events both on 11/11 as well as more immediately. Rabia explained to people we talked to, how unifying people worldwide was in alignment with their beliefs of Islam in One God.

We also had an amazing time visiting the pyramids in Egypt.  Both of us felt extremely uplifted, honored and blessed by the experience of being there.  Just being near the pyramids we could feel and sense an enormous power radiating from them.  As we entered the first one, I could feel my body acclimating to this enormous power and felt myself literally being energetically raised up, grounded deep into the Earth, and stretched out all at the same time.  Tears shed from my eyes heavily for about 20 minutes straight.  This power was washing through me and felt divine, familiar and liberating.   Both Rabia and I, went through our own ignition of energies as we basked in the power of conscious breathing, toning and meditation.  I want to be able to describe this experience accurately here.  There are so many words I could use to describe it and yet none of them completely express what was experienced. Here are some anyway.   It was extraordinary, a great blessing, an honor, a dream, an awakening, an initiation, a coming home, a cleansing, expansive, empowering, cosmic, mystical, multidimensional, an up-leveling. Feelings of being honored, blessed, and uplifted in an extremely power-filled, mystical place. Hopefully that brings some sense of the experience to you.

About a day later, I became very sick with what seemed to be a stomach virus.  I felt really bad and was in bed for about a day and a half.  We found out that it’s common for foreigners to get what’s called “Pharaoh’s Revenge”, which is treatable with some over-the-counter pills.  When I felt better, I was grateful to be alive and we both wondered if the pyramid had a sort of cleansing effect on me.

A couple days later, the Egyptian Presidential election results were announced.  Our experience of that was extremely positive even though the news made it sound dangerous.  The streets were roaring with celebration for over 24 hours – cars honking, flags waving, parades marching through the middle of the streets, chanting in celebration.  It was thrilling to be there to experience the joy and openness of the people, even though the vote was almost 50/50 and we had no attachment to who won.  I was really touched by the way women – even in full burkas, with everything covered but their eyes – were connecting with me in celebration.  They experienced me in joy with their celebration and I felt them celebrating me.

Before that, I had tried to connect with them but had found them to quickly avert their eyes as if expecting me to judge them or cast “the evil eye” upon them.  I just wanted to connect but found our cultural differences between us in the way.

Our guide loves our DoAsOne shirt so much, he trades shirts with me.

That is until we were all celebrating together.  That taught me about the power of genuinely celebrating what is important and valuable to other people in order to bridge our differences.  In that awareness, I was really glad that One Day, a day of sharing in global synchronous breathing, now includes and begins with all people doing whatever it is that they already do to celebrate life, oneness, the Divine, connection.  In this high vibration of celebration we all are open to feeling into the joy of the One.

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Breathing the Air in Spain

Breathing the Air in Spain 

We began the international part of the Do As One tour in Madrid, Spain and were excited beyond our jet lag.  International One Day Ambassador, Jenna Grayson speaks Spanish rather well and so we had no issues getting around and mingling with the locals so as to find our way into the adventure we set out to create.  An interesting thing was happening to us.  Everything we would ask for would show up as we expected it, but at the same time we found ourselves learning a process.

The process of how to enter a country, authentically connect with the people, speak the language, find our way around intelligently and use their currency.  These were all elements that would have to be quickly taken on and owned for us to be successful in portraying the vision of One Day to people worldwide.

Madrid was our classroom and attending class on jet lag was borderline delirious but we were up for the challenge.  The conscious breath reveals things to us in our visual spectrum as we walk around our daily life.  The level of presence and awareness brings moments that are even fun to just notice.

[Take a sweet, conscious breath]

Our Spain stop was one of the places that we did not have workshops planned nor were we visiting a festival or anyone in particular.  So we relied on trust and as we did, we found ourselves connecting intimately with beautiful people.  The old city of Madrid was such a melting pot and as one of the locals shared, “We have no problems between people of all races in this part of town.  We live together, party together and find our way together because we are all in a similar struggle.”  He remarked that in the big cities you could see the modernization of industrialization but in the smaller towns and outskirts, the village and community life of old still worked and people thrived…together.

We decided to visit the local yoga community and to ask them to join us on 11/11 for the One Day celebration happening worldwide.  Many of our efforts led to just being able to contact the yoga studio owner by phone or email.  But some of our interactions were simple, loving connections beyond the vision we were bringing.  Being so welcomed by people felt so good in our hearts.  The manager of an old book shop was so delighted by our vision and was willing to share some of his thoughts on video:

We had never had Senegalese food and had run into a seemingly popular place in an African part of town so we decided to give it a try.  The African people in and around the spot were so colorful and full of life, that we found ourselves wanting to share our vision. The African accent in Spanish left us wanting to share with someone in English and hence we were led to a pub called, La Grandola, where an English speaking man from Burkina Faso and his friends were ready to receive us.

As we walked into La Grandola, we saw that the walls were lined with pictures of all the revolutionaries of history worldwide.  Pictures of Che Guevera, Fidel Castro, Bobby Sands, Bob Marley and more. We received a simple statement about the power of breathing together:

After making friends with Adama, the pub owner, I found that I wanted to ask him about his revolutionary flair.  He shared that he felt that our vision was an interesting version of revolution but in a peaceful way.  This is when I was to receive the meaning of La Grandola and why he named the place after a moment in history.  Adama told me that La Grandola was one of the only non-violent revolutions in all of written history.  The people of Portugal united in 1974 and created something so beautiful that it brought me to tears.  They chose to unite in the town squares with a cross-section of all the people in their society as opposed to just having adult rebels on the scene.  They gathered children, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers and they all came to the square with one flower each.  When the army arrived and took out their guns, the people took out their flowers and stuck them down the barrel of each gun.  This equalizer, this non-violent representation of humanity and this loving gesture extinguished the fire of these army men and a non-violent stand for unity was victorious.  It was beautiful to know this about the people of historic Portugal as I knew we would be stopping there later in the tour.

As we walked the streets of Spain, breathing consciously, little signs popped out at us that reminded us that we are in exactly the right place.  The word PAZ is the Spanish word for peace and historically this word existed first in Latin as PAX.  It first surfaced in humanity in the Christian church and was a keyword in the liturgy way back in the year 300 A.D. It was part of a ritual called, conspiratio (It is also where we got the word ‘conspire’ which originally meant to breathe together.) in which the people shared the kiss of peace.  This was a moment where they shared breaths and validated that they were ‘One in Spirit’.  Today this moment still exists in the church.  It is the moment in the Catholic Church and other sects in which people turn around and shake hands saying, “Peace be with you.”  That is the exact moment when the people used to breathe together it as just reduced to a handshake and a word over time.

The words PAZ stood out in graffiti to remind us that we were in the right place and that peace was in our steps and our breaths as we laid the groundwork for this
Do As One tour of many wonders:

A picture with our new Ambassador of Breath, Manuel Atienza in Spain.  He will be influencing events in his part of the world for One Day.

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Love Activation at Qi Revolution – Austin,TX

Before heading out into the International part of the Do As One Tour, we stopped in Austin, Texas and joined our friends from Qi Revolution in creating a beautiful ritual of conscious, synchronous breathing, deeply felt tones and rhythms with ecstatic dance resulting in what we call a Love Activation.  The day of the activation, we got to take part in one of the most powerful parts of the Qi Revolution week, the 9-Breath Circle.  This breathing technique was brought to humanity by Do As One Advisor and Qi Revolution founder, Jeff Primack.  The technique is performed using the power of synchronous breathing and intentions.  It was amazing to see the looks on peoples’ faces and the feeling tones in the room as Oneness showed itself amongst these lovers of life.

Getting to ignite people that had been learning the ancient art of Qi Gong for four days was such a joy because this group of souls was already aware of the power moving through them that was riding upon the breath.  We simply brought an invitation of a synchronous flow together, as one love, one heart, one human family.  I have included the audio of the introduction into the Love Activation in this blog, in case you would like to enjoy it for yourself and feel the energy that we flew upon. Here it is:

Amazing connections and joy emerged effortlessly from the Love Activation.  Citizens of the evolving human family were excited about what they felt from breathing together synchronously and then dancing it out ecstatically to the grooves of DJ Maestro Devaliminal and the graceful dance invitation of Sheila Janan.

Have a taste of the aura of this Love Activation and hear what two of the leaders in the Qi Revolution community had to say about one billion people uniting in the breath.  Feel the potency in their words and the distinct knowingness of the result of such a unifying moment.

Lastly, we’ll leave this blog off with a little of the car comedy that emerged amongst the
Do As One team getting ready to head off into the world.  …Enjoy!

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Do as One in Utah at Desert Rocks Festival

Arriving at Desert Rocks Festival in Utah, we were greeted by the desert landscape and all the expansiveness that comes with it.  The beauty and earth tones during the magic hour were electric and inspiring.

We were feeling excitement to be at another music festival, sharing the power of breathing together with people that are eager for change.  To ignite a few people into having events for the launch of One Day, the new global holiday of Oneness on 11/11, was the music in our steps.

Do As One International Ambassador of Breath and my beloved, Jenna Grayson, has been with me by my side. Desert Rocks was a last minute addition to our tour schedule so we didn’t yet have anything planned with the organizers there and when we first arrived, we inquired about getting to unite the festival in breath at any point in the weekend.  Met with inquisitive resistance at that point, we were told that an email or phone call would find its way to us.   As we met with many beautiful people throughout the day, so much love was shared around our vision.  New ambassadors blossomed, who felt the charge to create One Day events in their respective cities.

Later that night, a consciousness ceremony took place and our wish to have been sharing the unifying power of the breath was displayed to us in yet another way.   The end of the ceremony had the three creators of the event on stage.  One of them, J.R., who had rooted the event seven years ago, really had a lot to say about now being the time to unify and he inspired the people to collectively ignite an intention of peace.  He had the audience crouch down after getting us as close as we could to everyone around us.  Then we inhaled on the count of three beginning with a low mumbling tone and rose up onto our toes as we got louder and louder, resounding the intention through our voices as One power, One love, One human family.

Right then and there, in a fresh, new way, I witnessed the true power of one long exhale wrapped in intention.  Access to the entire planet had ensued and joyful unity was the scent in the air.   Unity is that which we as a human species have always welcomed into our experience, because it just is.  Like when you’re in a huge stadium and the wave passes through the crowd, everyone just joins into the sacred yes of unity and it feels good.

People of all colors and creeds stood there, together, in breath and voice and we didn’t have to do a thing but take part and be.  The beautiful thought crossed my mind that it didn’t matter if Jenna and I united people in breath on the stage that night.  It was already happening by virtue of the One through the All.

Having stepped to the side of the stage to see if we could greet J.R., we found our eyes upon a being that was so magical and was now resting in the field of Peace and Oneness we had just been playing and co-creating in.  This white fairy dragonfly insect that looked like it was from out of this world, flew onto a piece of art being created live.  The microcosmic dance that came from it and its stillness with us so close to it, confirmed the peace in the air.  Have a look at the magic:

The White Fairy Dragonfly of Peace

After enjoying the power of the collective peace that shows up at music festivals in the American Southwest, we awoke to enjoy the morning flavor of it. At a sunrise set by one of our favorite DJs, Random Rab. The unity vibration was palpable all around us. We even got to enjoy the power of the ancient teepee in the background. A symbol of sitting in circle as a come-unity or tribe.
Oneness in the Air at Sunrise

Exiting Utah, 1st International Stop: Madrid, Spain 

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Silence for World Peace

The Moment of Peace, MedMob & Do As One Unite on March 10, 2012

A silent global phenomenon is occurring. On March 10th, tens of thousands of people, in over 300 cities around the world are joining together for an hour of silence to cultivate peace and harmony for humanity.  People from all backgrounds, ages and beliefs will join in.

The Moment of Peace, MedMob and Do As One, three uniquely uplifting organizations, have linked up to inspire people from around the world to unite.  Collectively, “Together As One” is their theme.  The message is simple; take a moment and appreciate silence in order to expand peace with each other and from within.

Participants in Jerusalem, Austin, Sydney, Paris, Mumbai, London, New York, Los Angeles, and many more are organizing public outdoor meditations in the heart of their cities to anchor peace and invoke a spirit of togetherness. It is set to be the biggest gathering of its kind in history.

“Some people are afraid to look at each other and smile these days. We aren’t as connected as we could be.” said Dean Crabb, founder of The Moment of Peace. “We are doing something about it and giving people a way to start truly living together.”

Technology has been the enabling factor that has empowered an explosion and collaboration of movements geared towards peace.  Jaime Collaco from Do As One noted, “We’re excited that we’ve aligned with transformative organizations such as The Moment of Peace and MedMob. As we celebrate The Moment of Peace together, we have the opportunity to connect in silence, in meditation and in synchronous breath thanks to technology.

“We are in a unique time in history and the Internet is enabling this unprecedented event to occur,” said Patrick Kronfli, co-founder of MedMob. “About 70 of us started MedMob in January, 2011 at the Texas State Capitol in Austin and now, one year later, the movement has spread to hundreds of cities around the world.”

The Moment of Peace is an annual global event for an hour of silence and meditation – it occurs again on Saturday, March 10th 2012.  There will be two waves of silence held throughout the day, one from Noon to 1PM and another from 8PM to 9PM in your own local time-zone.  Celebrations are set to kick off on March 9th with the King David Peace Drummers igniting a drumming circle for peace in the heart of Jerusalem.

The event is completely free and open to all people from all walks of life. Group events can be found by going to &, and you can synchronize your breath all day in the Universal Breathing Room on

MedMob holds similar hourly flash mob meditation events every month around the world and offers people the ability to participate more regularly.  Do As One provides an online portal where people come together to meditate and breathe in sync as one during these events and around the clock everyday.

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