In 2016-2017, Do As One reached out and gathered breathworkers and experts worldwide in the breathing field together to distill clear and precise dictionary definitions for the words breathwork and breathworker. These words are being used in our society colloquially, more and more and yet they are not in our reference books. This caused Do As One to take action and add it to our mission to get these words into the dictionaries of the world, beginning in English and continuing around the world language by language.
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The definitions for breathwork & breathworker:

breathwork: (breath-würk) noun

1.) The experiential field of study and practice that encompasses a variety of breathing techniques utilized individually and in groups, to cultivate self-awareness and the enhancement of physical, emotional, cognitive, or spiritual well-being.

Ex. 1: Breathwork helped the woman to open her lung capacity so that she could breathe deeply and freely.
Ex. 2: Breathwork was used successfully to increase the person's self- esteem and confidence.
Ex. 3: Breathwork assisted the man to connect with deeper meaning and purpose in his life.

breathworker: (breath-würk–er) noun

1.) A practitioner of one or more types of breathwork who facilita tes others in utilizing breathing techniques for self-awareness, for the enhancement of physical, emotional, cognitive, or spiritual well-being in an individual or group setting.

Ex. 1: The breathworker skillfully assisted the woman in breathing optimally.
Ex. 2: The breathworker sensitively supported the person in releasing sadness and feeling hopeful about life.
Ex. 3: The breathworker guided the man in connecting deeply with his life purpose.

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